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5 Benefits Of Better Landscaping

5 Benefits of Better Landscaping

Most of us want a well-landscaped yard for a simple reason: We want our yard to look great. Actually, our landscaping can have a drastic effect in a number of other areas ranging from the air quality to the efficiency of our utilities. Proper landscaping isn’t just a luxury, in many cases, it’s as much a necessity as changing out your air filter, or replacing burnt out light bulbs. It’s an area of your property that needs to be properly maintained.

Here are five benefits of good landscaping that extend beyond having a great looking yard.

Better Air Quality

Landscaping, especially in urban areas, plays a role in improving our air quality. Trees, plants and grass remove carbon from the air, reduce air pollution and create oxygen. So remember, all of the trees, that great looking lawn and those beautiful flowers aren’t just for aesthetic purposes, they play an actual part in improving the air you breathe and improving the environment around your home.

Reduced Water Runoff and Pollutants

Landscaping also plays a role in improving our water. Water from rain and storms move more slowly through landscaped areas, reducing the runoff of pollutants. Our plants, grass, patio and other landscaping structures help to filter the rainwater of pollutants and prevent flooding and soil erosion by reducing runoff.

More Efficient Utilities

A properly landscaped yard can actually have several benefits when it comes to the functionality and cost of your utilities. When trees are trimmed and vegetation growth is well maintained, you may notice a reduction to service disruptions because there are fewer risks to surrounding power lines and plumbing. Landscaping can also help to regulate the temperature of your property and your home, reducing the cost of cooling your home in the summer.

Greater Home Value

Quality landscaping can have a number of benefits on your home’s value. It helps to increase the value of your property and generally makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. If you’re actively selling your home, your landscaping can have an effect on the time your home is on the market and your selling price. Homebuyers will likely pay more for a house with professional landscaping, allowing you to sell your home closer to your asking price.

Saves Your Time

Great landscaping saves your time. The better the landscaping, the less time you’ll have to put toward yard maintenance. This not only includes maintenance of the actual landscaping itself, but a well-maintained yard helps to prevent weed growth. For the best landscaping, and to save the most time, consider hiring professionals. C&A Landscape will help you with all aspects of landscaping, from the design to routine maintenance. Contact us for a free quote or call us at (850) 329-0621.

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