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3 Benefits Of Using Compost In Your Yard And Garden

3 Benefits of Using Compost in Your Yard and Garden

Compost is a unique mixture that consists of yard waste, food and other biodegradable items you would normally place in the trash. You may be surprised to find out that 20 to 30 percent of household waste can be composted. It’s not only a way to repurpose much of your household waste, but your soil can reap the benefits as well. Composting provides rich nutrients to your soil and plants, can help reduce waste and is cost efficient. It also reduces your overall carbon footprint and toxic emissions in the atmosphere.

When you’re gathering dead branches, mowing the lawn or trimming your shrubs, those clippings can be used to directly benefit your soil. The foundation of a compost pile begins with branches and dead leaves. Then as you go about your daily life you can add your lawn clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. The final ingredients needed to break down this organic matter are water and nature.

As your compost pile breaks down into a mulch-like substance, you can apply it to your garden or at the base of your plants, similar to mulch or fertilizer. Here are three benefits of using compost for your lawn and garden.

Improvement of Soil Structure

Bad soil structure could be to blame for your dead plants or lawn. Ideal soil should be crumbly, easily retain water and allow earth’s natural ingredients to enrich the soil. By adding compost to your soil, you help it retain more water, not only improving the fullness of your plants, but also adding to their longevity. Adding compost can also regulate the pH balance and can add proteins and other nutrients for more viable soil.

All Natural

Compost is a great alternative to chemical fertilizer. Compost is all natural and created from your household waste, while commercial fertilizer can be high in chemicals and can be harmful to the soil if overused. One beneficial part of compost is that microscopic bacteria, fungi and earthworms live within it. These organisms feed off the waste and provide nutrients for the soil, thus providing an interconnected symbiotic food web.

Reduce Water Use

Compost is beneficial for increasing water retention in root systems and leads to vital growth of plants. Heavy soil better retains water, reducing erosion and runoff. Once it breaks down, compost matter is a thick, crumbly substance; and when applied to your soil, helps it to retain moisture. This allows you to reduce your own water use.

Composting your household waste has many benefits. If you’re looking to reduce your water use or thinking about switching to organic fertilizer, consider composting. If you have any questions or needs regarding your lawn or garden, contact C&A Landscaping by calling 850.329.0621 or contact us online.

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