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All About Mulch!

All About Mulch!

Mulch has many healthy benefits for your yard you may not be aware of. It’s not just for looks! Mulch protects your plants and soil! Think of it as an extra layer of protection for your soil and plants, like icing on a cake! Not only will it make your yard look more polished, It will guard against pests and chilly temperatures throughout the year. Read on to learn more about the benefits of mulch and the different varieties commonly used…then call us up today to schedule your next mulch application!

Benefits of Mulch

  1. Adds organic matter to your soil. Organic mulch such as the type made up of bark, straw, leaves, or other organic materials will decompose and add valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil over time. Healthy bacteria and fungi within the soil will soak those nutrients up and thrive to make your soil even more fertile and robust.
  2. Assists with weed control. Mulch applied to your lawn or garden will act as a barrier, limiting the amount of sunlight that can reach the weeds lying below.
  3. Insulation. One of the best benefits of any mulch is its ability to protect your soil and plants against harsh weather conditions. Fluctuating temperatures can cause plant injury or death. In the winter time, mulch will help the ground maintain a more consistent temperature which allows dormant plants to remain in their dormant state.
  4. Protect bare soil. Haven’t gotten around to planting an area in your yard? Mulch is a great way to temporarily protect bare soil. Naked soil can easily lead to soil erosion, compaction and soil infertility. Use mulch to cover bare spots to protect (and add aesthetic quality) until you are ready to get those flower beds blooming!
  5. Control Pests. Mulch is an excellent way to keep away those pesky insects and bugs that are just dying to start chewing up your beautiful plants. Mulch such as cedar bark has natural oils that will act as insect repellant. Tip: The more fragrant types of mulch will have the greatest effect on insects! While mulch will keep away the unwanted visitors, it will encourage the desired ones! Earthworms will be attracted by mulched areas and as you may know, earthworms help improve soil structure and nutrient cycling within your soil.

Types of Mulch

Pine Bark mulch tends to last longer than most organic mulches. Comes finely shredded or in nugget form. Added Benefit: Pine bark adds aluminum to the soil promoting green, leafy growth! Also comes in a variety of colors!




Fresh wood chips make long-lasting mulch. Creates a classic look suitable for any landscape design! Added Benefit: Wood chips rank as the best mulch for moisture retention, temperature moderation and weed control due to their density and ability to break down easily.




Pine Straw is both inexpensive and long lasting. Has many benefits for soil once it breaks down. Straw will help filter water well and creates a network of needles that limits soil erosion. Added Benefit: Pine straw is easier than other mulches to apply and distribute!




Stone or Gravel are some of the more aesthetically pleasing choices for mulch. These types of inorganic mulches also include plastic sheeting and rubber mulch. They are more expensive but will provide a more permanent solution for your mulch needs!

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