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How To Mulch Your Landscape In The Spring Season

How to Mulch Your Landscape in the Spring Season

It’s Springtime! Finally, that perfect balance of warm and cold weather that Floridians wait for all year is here. As we near the borderline unbearable hot Florida summers, it’s wise to prepare your landscape to be able to take the heat ahead of time. What better time than spring? The best way to protect your outdoor space is by using mulch to help your plants retain moisture. You might be wondering how to get started on mulching your property, what type of mulch you should use for your landscape, and what the cost will be. We’re here to answer all your questions so you can start beautifying and preserving your landscape in Tallahassee, as we lead up to the warmer months. 


How much mulch do I need? 


If you have an existing layer of mulch on your landscape, you can refresh your landscape by adding another one-inch layer of mulch on top. Doing so will not only beautify your landscape by covering up any bare spots but also ensure that your plants are protected from erosion. If you’re laying down mulch directly on top of the soil, you will probably need up to 4 inches to properly create a heat barrier. Be careful not to add any more than 4 inches! An excessive amount of mulch can result in damage to your landscape because it prevents nutrients from reaching the roots of your plants.


What type of mulch should I use for my landscape?




Pinestraw is a widely used mulch material because of its economical price and effectiveness in preserving moisture. It also keeps its color for a longer period than hardwood. Another plus is that pinewood prevents those annoying weeds that tend to appear during the warmer months from popping up—pinestraw interlocks in a way that doesn’t allow for weeds to take root. However, pine straw needs to be replaced a few times a year because it breaks down quickly with rain and erosion. 




If you like having options, then hardwood might be the right mulch for you. This mulch comes in many colors, textures, and sizes. Hardwood is also a convenient option because it only needs to be replaced once a year. However, hardwood can be costly depending on the color and size you choose.


How much will mulch cost? 


The amount you will have to spend on mulching your landscape depends on the size of your landscape, the type of mulch you want, and how often the mulch will need to be replaced. If you need some help mulching your outdoor space to prepare for summer, our landscape specialists can give you a more accurate estimate. Call us today to talk more about beautifying your outdoor space.

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