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The Importance Of Having An Irrigation System

The Importance of Having an Irrigation System

A properly installed irrigation system has several advantages for both you and your yard. Not only does it help to create and maintain a great looking lawn, but a professional irrigation setup can also save you money, time and energy you may spend when watering your yard by yourself.

There are several signs that your manual watering system may be failing and that you should consider an irrigation system. These signs include inadequate water distribution, brown grass and failing plants. You may also have problems with an aging irrigation system you haven’t kept a close eye on, including bad sprinkler heads, leaky valves and improper drainage.

These problems can waste water and lead to higher utility bills. If you have a manual watering system or your current irrigation system has seen better days, it may be time to invest in a new, professionally designed irrigation system.

Great Looking Yards Have Great Irrigation Systems

One of the most obvious benefits of an irrigation system is protecting your yard, plants and trees from inefficient watering and drought. A well-designed system ensures that your grass and plants are getting the proper amount of water. In dryer seasons, or periods of inadequate rain, an irrigation system can be the difference between brown grass and dying plants, and having the best looking yard in your neighborhood.

Understandably, as important as getting enough water to your lawn is making sure any excess water gets away from your lawn. Too much water is as bad, if not worse, than not having enough water. Excess water can be harmful to your soil, drown your plants and even lead to the germination of weeds. An irrigation system helps to control the amount of water you’re using. Proper absorption and drainage is an important part of a good irrigation system.

Save Time and Energy with an Irrigation System

An irrigation system is great for making sure your yard and plants are watered at optimal times. Early in the morning or shortly before nightfall are the best times for watering, giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re getting ready for work or trying to relax. An irrigation system also ensures your yard receives water when you’re gone for an extended period of time.

When you have a professionally installed irrigation system, your landscaper will take other factors into account when designing your system, such as the regional climate and the lay of the land. This will help you achieve maximum efficiency, saving you from dragging the hose around the yard and constantly tweaking the output of your system.

Irrigation Systems are Efficient and Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of having an irrigation system is that while the design and installation may be expensive up front, it shouldn’t require much maintenance once it’s installed. Irrigation systems are also known to last quite a long time. The only real cost you’ll have after installation is your water bill, but again, you’re now using your water more efficiently. This means an irrigation system is a great long-term investment for your yard, saving you costs over time.

If you’re interested in having a professionally designed irrigation system installed at your home or business, contact C&A landscape. We’ll help you identify the areas of your yard that would benefit the most from having an irrigation system and help you get on the way to having a healthier, better-looking lawn. Contact us online or give us a call at (850) 329-0621.


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